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Kim Chiropractic & Rehab and First Imaging Center, founded by Dr. Eung Kwon Kim, is the longest-standing chiropractic clinic in the Washington metropolitan area and has locations in Rockville, MD, Columbia, MD, and Centreville, VA. Dr. Kim opened his first clinic in Rockville, MD over 22 years ago, with the dream to keep the members of his community pain-free and healthy. As a medical school graduate, Dr. Kim prides himself on the high standard of quality service, accurate diagnosis, and distinguished treatment of his patients. 

Kim Chiropractic & Rehab is equipped with state-of-the-art open MRI, ultrasound, X-ray and DRX-9000C equipment to accurately diagnose patients. The DRX-9000C allows doctors to treat chronic back and neck disc-related pain, through non-invasive and non-surgical procedures. Dr. Kim’s personal mission is to reunite you with the smile and happiness you may have lost as a result of your pain. Utilizing his many years of experience and the skillset of his team, Dr. Kim has made this a reality for many of his patients over the last 22 years.

Our Chiropractic Team

Our expert chiropractic team does more than just help you recover from your auto accident injury. We also assist you in processing your auto accident claim through the proper channels, so you don’t have to! Don’t let the treatment cost deter you. When providing your insurance claim number, your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance for MD residents covers medical expenses when a car accident results in injuries to you, other drivers listed on your policy, and your passengers. These expenses can include medical bills as well as other expenses that are not typically covered by health insurance such as lost wages. In Virginia, Med Pay coverage works similarly to the benefits of PIP and can be used to pay for medical bills and lost wages. Getting your car repaired should not be an afterthought – you need your car! After an accident, we understand the repair process can seem slow and frustrating. So, allow us to help you refer you to an auto repair shop at your convenience!  

side view of drx9000 cervical & lumbar decompression

Chiropractic Treatment Services

Chiropractic care covers a wide range of issues including neck pain, back pain, numbness, sciatica, sports and repetitive motion injuries, and much more! In addition, we will educate you about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including exercise, diet, and nutrition. Come see why Kim Chiropractic & Rehab Center is different from other healthcare providers. Chiropractic can make a difference in your life! We are interested in your long-term health and wellness, not just a quick fix to mask back pain or neck pain. We will show you the natural way to better health without resorting to the use of expensive prescription medications. Chiropractic treatments do not include surgery or medications, which means, you will be offered alternatives that are non-invasive, hands-on and effective. We are convinced that after one visit to our office you will see why chiropractic is the safe and effective alternative to back surgery.

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