Medical Equipment

Fully Equipped with the Most Advanced Machines

The doctors and staff at Kim Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic treat each patient as we would our own family. Through years of collective experience, we will assist you in regaining your quality of life. We have a wide assortment of the most advanced equipment in the field with which we can diagnose and treat your pain.


EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) & Chiropractic Table

Electrical stimulation, also known as e-stim, works by sending electrical pulses through your body to help revitalize damaged muscles and diminish pain. E-stim is painless and can help you quickly recover from an injury as well as reduce or eliminate uncomfortable aches and pains.

The electrical pulses sent by the EMS act as a copy of neuron signals, causing your muscles to contract. This results in an increased blood flow through the injured area and promotes the healing and strengthening of the affected muscle.


X-Ray Machine

Just as a dentist takes an x-ray of your mouth to get a better understanding of your teeth and gums, an x-ray can provide critical information about musculoskeletal conditions to help ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

To create an x-ray, a small amount of ionizing radiation is emitted from the machine that then passes through your body. On the other side, it is captured by another device that records the information in order to produce an image of your bones and organs.


DRX 9000C

The DRX 9000C is a non-surgical method used to effectively treat lower back pain and sciatica resulting from herniated or deteriorated discs. Its development was inspired by NASA space research, where it was discovered that non-gravity environments reduce pressure on the spine and relieve back pain.

Treatment with the DRX 9000C involves expanding the space between two spinal discs, creating a wider gap between your vertebrae. The negative pressure from this increased distance creates a suction effect, causing the protruding disc to enter the empty space and allowing the healing process to begin.


Rehabilitation Room

Our rehabilitation room is fully stocked with a large assortment of equipment to help you on your way to recovery. By using devices such as exercise bikes, medicine balls, shoulder wheels, and therabands, we can help restore function and range of motion to affected joints and muscles. Our dedicated staff will instruct you in proper form and usage to help reduce your pain and restore your quality of life.



The Hitachi OPEN AIRIS II MRI is one of the most popular and in-demand MRI machines. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and it is a type of scan that uses radio waves and magnetic fields to create detailed images of the physiological processes inside your body.

Through an MRI using the Hitachi OPEN AIRIS II, we are able to obtain information that a normal x-ray machine might miss, as MRIs are specially suited for soft tissue. These images can help us better understand the root cause of your pain to ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment.


Ultrasound Machine

Where an x-ray or MRI may not be appropriate, an ultrasound machine can be used to quickly confirm or diagnose smaller disorders. Ultrasound uses sound waves to create an image of the inside of your body, and can help detect swelling and causes of pain in your joints and muscles. An ultrasound is non-invasive, painless and requires very little preparation to use.

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